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Grand Theft Auto 5, the next part of Rockstar, the action take place in Los Santos. What’s new in GTA V, the game has changed, we have access to three players, the most anticipated title in 2013 and 2014 years there have been a lot of changes, transformed into an open world and mission system.

Description :

Grand Theft Auto V, the latest work of the fifth company Rockstar North. All the fans know the story of the game, and the physics of the game.
Open a huge and a great world game action in America in Los Santos, Californium and Los Angeles. What’s new in our part of the ” 5″ a lot of news cars, more powerful world, improved graphics, the ability to play 3 characters. Grand Theft Auto is the biggest success of Rockstar, gangster game series where we discover and exploring the open world, touring cars, using weapons, completing missions, fleeing from the police, and many other things that resemble the real world. The biggest change in the GTA 5 is that it is directed by three men, one of them is a banker, a cheater and a robber, while another is a military aircraft pilot. Yet another is the third of our hero that we can follow is a car dealer and dealer. The biggest advantage of the new Grand Theft Auto 5 is that at any given time at any given time, you can switch to another character and continue to save a fragment of the game where we were before. We are moving all over the outskirts of Los Santos and California, Los Angeles. Well developed world, beaches, fields, forests, mountainous terrain, hills, farms that everything is still in the fifth Part Description GTA. Great changes have taken place, not only in terms of maps and visual but also as a mechanic and movement, each of our characters are more real.The new version of Grand Theft Auto 5, we can use the facilities of the manufacturer has given us, if we want to we can send our possession for a while rest and relexation yoga, tennis and other sports active. But the pleasure soon come to an end, the player will be depondent on such missions will play us allocated, bank robberies, illegal importation of cars. In addition to the assigned mission to get these side missions that are “added” a lot of missions are missions in close circle of friends and colleagues of our character. Vehicles in GTA, fast cars and beautiful women to like every person who delights in this game. Attention should be paid to the mechanics of driving and driving, the manufacturer has applied a few tricks and it worked out good. While driving in the Grand Theft Auto 5, we feel as if we were playing almost Need For Speed racing game or another. In addition to spending money on new cars, we can improve your arsenal of weapons deal if you just want to if this is not enough for us always with adequate cash we can make ourselves yacht or apartment / house. In addition, a new option that will interest the entrepreneurs, playing the stock market. So we play the stock market in the GTA 5. The graphics in the new version of GTA is made on the basis of a silica “RAGE” private authorship Rockstar. When it comes to sound and upgraded creator mounted audio sound, coming out of the car, while shots. Returning to the graphics all the shadows and highlights are improved and give real effect. For fans of the game Rockstar has created a network option to play online, people will not be disappointed. At the discretion we can play together picking 16 people in the network and explore world to explore it. Also, it is possible to compete against each other, racing shooting each other, just detachment from missions for people who like the free world in the Grand Theft Auto 5

Title Game: Grand Theft Auto: 5
Series Game: Grandt Theft Auto
Developers: Rockstar North
Publishers: Rockstar Games
Distributor: Take-Two Internactive
Engine: RAGE
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox360, PS3, PS4
Genre: Action-adventure
Mode: Single-player,internet online multiplayer mode

Release Name: Grand_Theft_Auto_V_Razor1911_RELOADED
Size Game:  34.29 GB (34,294,756,418 bytes )

Languages: English-German-French-Czech-Italian-Spanish-
Dubbing: English by RELOADED


Install Note:

1.Download the torrent file ( link below)
2. Start downloading a torrent file (0.36MB ) an example of BitTorrent program
3. Open the downloaded file.iso and moun the disk image using Daemon Tools or any other program
4. Again disk image file finder (launchinstallerprivate.exe )
5. Install additional files (graphics and music)- 7.39 MB
6. Download file .zip crack by RELOADED 1.09 patch
7. Open file zip contents folder: (crack 1.09 – gta5reloadedunlocked.exe , multiplayerinstaller.exe and gammaadjustergta5.exe )
8. Paste crackt o folder release / bin / launch
9. Replace all files.
10. Turn multiplayerinstaller.exe file and follow the instructions
11. Start the game via the icon on the desktop or directly from the game folder.
12.If you want to change the graphic you need a program gammaadjuster.exe

IMPORTANT NOTE: Recommended the latest version Daemons Tools to extract files:

 Grand Theft Auto: V (PC) ( Files – Package)

is Available Here:

                                           EGA  SHARE

Operating System:  Windows XP 32 SP3 or Windows Vista SP1 or Windows 7 SP1
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6GHz  or equivalent AMD
Graphics: 512MB Nvidia 7900 or 512MB ATI X1900
Memory: 2GB RAM
DirectX: Version  9
Hard Drive: 30-40GB Free Disk Space 
Sound: DirectX 9 compatible

Operating System: Windows Vista SP 2 or Windows 7-8 SP1
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad 3.66GHz or equivalent AMD
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 480 or similar ATI Radeon
Memory: 4GB RAM
DirectX: Version 9
Hard Drive: 30-40GB Free Disk Space
Sound:  DirectX 9 compatible










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