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Installer.exe 23.18MB / Zip Version Completed 453.15MB / Mac / Linux / Windows / –  Update Alpha Final 02 July – 

Game RPG developed on board and exploring the world ( voxel ) Initially we create our character and set off on a world for adventure and develop our character. Producer Cube World is the project team ”  Wollay “

Description Cube World:

Cube World is a game for RPG game has a lot of mechanics and physics games with titles
such as: Secret of Mana, Landstalker,Monster Hunter. Most of the stuff is in the style of Minecraft.

The game starts with the creation of your character / hero is a possibility change the  appearance.
After all set things end up with a character and then begin the adventure of Cube World.
Game is a type of sandbox, we have full freedom to play.

The game is created with block, we find here a lot of dungeons and caves & dark places
that we need to explore together with our hero. There is a huge amount of equipment
for your character and tasks. Fighting is the game is very different, much depends on 
the individual skills of your character and the equipment that we have, it 
is an important reflection of the person who controls the character that is ours.

Graphics standard is a style “Retro” Everything is similar to the 
old Japanese role-playing games 16bit.

ChangeLog 2013:

  •  update fix keybords map
  • fixed screen starting game  / save bug –
  • fixed respawn,buffs
  • fixed system commands
  • fixed problem –  run away pets
  • fixed items / dropped problem bug
  • new wapons in the game
  • new NPC’s
  • new character & selection
  • new fresh  potions
  • crafting




France Client ( Zip Version + Crack )



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