Mortal Kombat X – Review

Posted 23 Apr 2015 in PC, PS4, Reviews

Everyone knows the title of Mortal Kombat, even 10 years was played on just what hardware, developers do not sleep go forward. Not forgetting the fans 1vs1 battles the game is highly polished and very wall developed, creating it took a really long time, I paid off personally am glad to impress.

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Ravens Cry Review – Disappointment of the month

Posted 21 Apr 2015 in PC, Reviews, XBOX360

Who will start the first game it locks him long int he memory. Although long expected and announced that raised hopes that the game does a great show – disappointements. Studio responsible for the production of a solid company that not once has shown that developing games for them this is not the case. Ravens Cry does not deserve even at 4 points in the assessment process. I have not me such a poor game, their work may be more unusual? Currenly let’s focus on this page.

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Cities Skylines – Build your metropolies

Posted 19 Apr 2015 in PC, Reviews

Colossal Order – this time showed that count on the market and are able to create a game that will shock the other. Can they compete with such titles as SimCity 5? are very close to happen, comprehensive urban transport refined gameplay of the game and the system of the economy. Excellent work and the game over which you have to spend a few days to feel like the owner of the city.

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 – Review Back to know title

Posted 13 Apr 2015 in PC, PS4, Reviews, XBOX360

Resident Evil title is fimilar to most players with experience. The next part of the series “Revelations” is a good step and the idea? We already checked.

Is it reheated pork chop? We can say that, unfortunately. Manufacturers have tried their forces to create a refreshed Revelations title of the note 2. The new identity is not received well in the whole game, slowly creators forget about the many features that should have a survival-horror game.

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Dragon Age Inquisition – Review

Posted 09 Apr 2015 in PC, PS4, Reviews, XBOX360

Developed by Canadian studio that experience and his diligence has forged a name for itself. The game is being sough and publicized on the network. Dragon Age: Inquisition we have already played!

The first thing that surprised me in the game this time you have to devote, opportunities we have hundreds no way determined how much you have to spend time on average. Great area, great well-polished threads that encourage curiosity and that’s important. Felt no boredom but the game is not perfect deserves recognition. Several elements have added Studio Bioware is unnecessary, such as “RPG” concrete the following review will fcous on describing everything especially.

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Dying Light Review – Survival and horror

Posted 02 Apr 2015 in PC, Reviews, XBOX360

What first impressed us Techland’s new game. This title reminds us of Dead Island, dark atmosphere of horror.

What surprised us the manufacturer of the game, whether it’s a total novelty or reheated pork Dead Island, played already know, we will try to describe to you. The story in the game is based on secret missions because we come to Harran to perform certain tasks. The hero does not know much, myster accompanied here from the very beginning, it asbolutely does not bother us mention that the game is based on the one fighter there is no choice.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 – Review A big hit in the gaming world the fraze for consoles

Posted 31 Mar 2015 in PS4, Reviews, XBOX360

Excellent brand an proven earlier versions, another part of the “V” was already Vice City, San Andreas, bu the time for a total refresh. As we know, the studio Rockstars not create trash, this time also I was able to create a brilliant edition of Grand Theft Auto 5.

Each gaming fanatic must have heard about the brand Rockstars and Grand Theft Auto titles, from an early age we are testing each new version. Lots of detail, wide flat fan activities and open world, playing three personalities at one tiem, a well-developed elements of movement cars, motorcycles, although requirements may pose a problem it is worth to invest money to enjoy such a popular title like GTA 5.

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FIFA 15 Review – a number of modifications fresh engine

Posted 30 Mar 2015 in PC, PS4, Reviews, XBOX360

As every year, the title of FIFA adds to its name, the corresponding quickie this time is “15” or is it just refreshed graphics, other configuration of players, better pitch? No! is a big step forward. Honestly say that every year, each gaining in playability.

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Far Cry 4 Review – Himalaya journey without borders

Posted 26 Mar 2015 in PS4, Reviews, XBOX360

Ubisoft does not cease to surprise, everyone who expected an even better title than Far Cry 3 assure will not be disappointed, let’s look at the game up close experience with testing.

In Far Cry 4 ‘re a man named Ajay Ghale which comes from the US, objective and goal is to depart in the Himalayas for what? This request of his mother, unfortunately, the last, the task is not easy getting there will be difficult to scatter the ashes at home mother Ajay. Kyrat then here we follow the name of the town in the Himalayas, the town located high above sea level. The city is not an ordinary city, lives by its own laws, people do not have the words and feel like prisoners, all ruled by the head of the Pagan Mina. Kyrat and a dictator. We all believe that the restoration of the picturesque village of normal life is possible, only time will tell

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The Sims 4 Review – Manufacturer delights

Posted 20 Mar 2015 in PC, Reviews

The Sims 4 review whether the next version turned out to be better? In this review we will look at each decorative insert the game, see the strenghts and waknesses that the manufacturer brought updates that will appeal to? I introduce to you my feelings and whether or not the game has gained in quality.

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